Alienation And Separation Are Nothing But Illusions!

the2520condition2520of2520entering2520the2520upper2520A question I received: A man who knows that the entire world is a single system can begin to correct himself. But what about people who know nothing about it and continue to act incorrectly within the system, harming all the rest?

My Answer: We have to continue our efforts to explain it to them, and the more they understand what is needed for the correct actions, the better off all of us will be.

You have to see the world as part of yourself that’s not yet corrected and therefore seems external to you. However, if you correct it, you will attach yourself to it and feel it as your own part. That’s how it is revealed.

If you truly feel how deeply you are dependent on others, then at that same instant, you will discover that all of them are parts of you, but still out of your control. They’re like your own children, whom you feel as an inseparable part of you, although they disobey you and don’t want to be together with you.

Thus you reveal that all of the souls, all of humanity are parts of your own soul. But you are being purposefully misled by feeling that they are apart from you, that they are strangers. Otherwise, correction would be impossible. If I had felt the entire world as part of me to begin with, I would not have been able to correct anything. My sensation of them being strangers, that there’s distance that separates us, is precisely the reason why it’s easy for me to correct them. If I felt these parts within me, it would be terrible and a very hard thing to do; I wouldn’t be able to touch them.

That’s why the Creator “pulled” them outside of me and gave me an opportunity to relate to them as to strangers. If I wish to bring them closer to me and to receive good influence back from them – that means I’m correcting them. Such an illusion of separation between myself and strangers serves the purpose of my correction, but in reality, they are my own inseparable parts.

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It’s All A Factor Of Society’s Appreciation

children3A question I received: Can you explain to a person logically, before the blows come, that equality, which may seem so dangerous and threatening is in fact not such a bad thing after all? Perhaps, one may even benefit from it?

My Answer: Every person wants to be above the rest, control others, and to use everyone. If he became equal with the rest, he would have nothing with which to fill his desire.

Equality is not a means to create a perfect human society, but it’s purpose is to adhere to the highest force of Nature, the Creator, and to be filled with the sensation of bestowal. A person needs to see that bestowal fills him. If people treat one another like that, they will see that even if they perform acts of bestowal egoistically, they enjoy it nonetheless. Each one feels that he is great, powerful and bestowing – more than anyone else! Clearly, it’s an egoistic sensation. Why do people make good deeds in the first place? Because there’s a value in them: in the form of appreciation and honor from society.

For instance, what good does a million dollar bank account do for you? What will happen to this sum tomorrow? Just think of the positive attitude you would receive if you were to use it to assist others! What sensations of greatness and honor! Your family, your kids, everyone around you would praise and respect you. That’s worth something. If social opinion changes accordingly, people will then value such fulfillment above anything else, since society dictates their behavior through its system of values.

Today above all else, social opinion makes us value money and its quantity. One has a million dollars in his account, the other, ten million! You look at the latter as if he is healthier, smarter and more handsome than the rest. If someone has a billion, he is simply an angel! Not a man of flesh and blood anymore, something unimaginable! Such is our inner nature. You can hate a person, but at the same time honor, respect and aspire to be close to him – it all depends on society’s appreciation!

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Drink Your Green Tea And Be Happy

it20all20comes20back20to20youA question I received: If I feel pleasure from the fact that I subject myself to the Creator, where is my free will here?

My Answer: Certainly it brings pleasure, but pleasure is not the principal issue here. The main factor in your decision is the loftiness and importance of the attribute of bestowal per se. There’s pleasure, no doubt, but the importance of bestowal is a priority.

I am drinking green tea and feel pleasure. Can it be called pleasure, or not? No, it can’t, because I feel satisfaction by knowing that the tea is good for my health. In other words, my pleasure is a result of correction, not of my natural desire to receive that would never allow me to drink such a “disgusting thing.” It means that pleasure derived from the sensation of importance is a result of correction.

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Education By Way Of Dialogue And Discussion

love-is-providing-others-with-the-means-to-fulfill-their-point-in-the-heartA question I received: How can we combine the new method of education with the students’ aspiration to earn good grades, which allow them to continue their education in a university? After all, our entire society is based on competition.

My Answer: To be successful in life a person needs to develop in a manner that is truly free. We are experiencing a crisis in science, education and culture precisely because we do not correctly mold the person.

Modern people can no longer make discoveries in Nature; they are not able to reveal anything because we have made them too narrow, having crammed them into strict boundaries. We have made every single person into a screw and nothing more. He knows what profession to choose to earn more money, the subjects to study in order to make it happen and that is his only goal. But this does not make him happy, only affluent.

The biggest problem is that we do not provide the child with an opportunity to develop on his own: he is not required to invent or imagine anything new. He is quickly crammed full of various knowledge to pass his tests, get good grades and to continue his higher education. By doing so, we destroy the child’s creativity. This becomes a problem – people turn into puppets.

We think that a child must be educated in distinct separate batches and within strict forms: classes, exams, formulas and so on. However, the reality is that our nature cannot stand this approach. And if we do not amend this erroneous system of education, our children themselves will reject it. We see that each new generation despises this system more and more, as we become more and more uncorrected, unable to find ourselves.

It is possible to study geography, history, math and every other subject in a very different manner – creatively. The approach to learning these subjects must be different, in a more social manner. After all, we always say that the world is “round”; similarly, a classroom must be “round” as well consisting of everything. And children must educate themselves in the form of discussions, questions and answers. The educator’s job is to assist them in transitioning from topic to topic.

It is precisely education by way of dialogue, discussion and argument that facilitates a person’s development. This is verified by thousands of years of experience amassed not only by the science of Kabbalah but by many ancient cultures.

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The Intention To Unite Corrects Our Desire

changing-the-world-starts-with-changing-our-intentions1A question I received: I have just completed Kabbalah and Quantum Physics, and began reading The Book of Zohar with your commentary. Could you explain through some concrete example how one should change his qualities to those of bestowal in order to feel, even just for a split second, what the science of Kabbalah describes? I gathered from the books that it is not necessary to change the actions in our lives – we just need to change the intention.

No matter how much I try to find precise instructions about what to do, I cannot find any. Or do the instructions consist of memorizing everything that was told to us by Kabbalists in order to gather all of this knowledge into one whole, and only then to finally begin to feel and understand how the world is arranged and be able to penetrate through matter with his whole soul? Please tell me how you were able to rise above your ego.

My Answer: Perception occurs within a correctly attuned desire: towards connecting with everyone into one whole. This is because a breaking and separation occurred in this connection, and only this separation between us requires correction. Pursuing this goal is called the “intention” (Kavana).

This intention should accompany your studies of Kabbalah, your relationship with your fellows, and your actions in dissemination. Specifically the intention to reach unification, through Ohr Makif, rouses a correction of the desire, and, to the extent that it is corrected, you begin to feel in the desire, the intention (Ohr Hozer) that outlines of the Upper World.

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