The Intention To Unite Corrects Our Desire

changing-the-world-starts-with-changing-our-intentions1A question I received: I have just completed Kabbalah and Quantum Physics, and began reading The Book of Zohar with your commentary. Could you explain through some concrete example how one should change his qualities to those of bestowal in order to feel, even just for a split second, what the science of Kabbalah describes? I gathered from the books that it is not necessary to change the actions in our lives – we just need to change the intention.

No matter how much I try to find precise instructions about what to do, I cannot find any. Or do the instructions consist of memorizing everything that was told to us by Kabbalists in order to gather all of this knowledge into one whole, and only then to finally begin to feel and understand how the world is arranged and be able to penetrate through matter with his whole soul? Please tell me how you were able to rise above your ego.

My Answer: Perception occurs within a correctly attuned desire: towards connecting with everyone into one whole. This is because a breaking and separation occurred in this connection, and only this separation between us requires correction. Pursuing this goal is called the “intention” (Kavana).

This intention should accompany your studies of Kabbalah, your relationship with your fellows, and your actions in dissemination. Specifically the intention to reach unification, through Ohr Makif, rouses a correction of the desire, and, to the extent that it is corrected, you begin to feel in the desire, the intention (Ohr Hozer) that outlines of the Upper World.

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  1. I understand, you need to have the need deep in your heart and pray for correction. However, the more I look at the people surronding me and “their” actions the more I hate them. Everytime they list out loud music at 4 a.m. or drop all kind of things in the ground, or are violent with each other. How can I love this society? I hate it completely, on the other hand the need for correction arises, but I think I’ll be always lacking something.

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