Education By Way Of Dialogue And Discussion

love-is-providing-others-with-the-means-to-fulfill-their-point-in-the-heartA question I received: How can we combine the new method of education with the students’ aspiration to earn good grades, which allow them to continue their education in a university? After all, our entire society is based on competition.

My Answer: To be successful in life a person needs to develop in a manner that is truly free. We are experiencing a crisis in science, education and culture precisely because we do not correctly mold the person.

Modern people can no longer make discoveries in Nature; they are not able to reveal anything because we have made them too narrow, having crammed them into strict boundaries. We have made every single person into a screw and nothing more. He knows what profession to choose to earn more money, the subjects to study in order to make it happen and that is his only goal. But this does not make him happy, only affluent.

The biggest problem is that we do not provide the child with an opportunity to develop on his own: he is not required to invent or imagine anything new. He is quickly crammed full of various knowledge to pass his tests, get good grades and to continue his higher education. By doing so, we destroy the child’s creativity. This becomes a problem – people turn into puppets.

We think that a child must be educated in distinct separate batches and within strict forms: classes, exams, formulas and so on. However, the reality is that our nature cannot stand this approach. And if we do not amend this erroneous system of education, our children themselves will reject it. We see that each new generation despises this system more and more, as we become more and more uncorrected, unable to find ourselves.

It is possible to study geography, history, math and every other subject in a very different manner – creatively. The approach to learning these subjects must be different, in a more social manner. After all, we always say that the world is “round”; similarly, a classroom must be “round” as well consisting of everything. And children must educate themselves in the form of discussions, questions and answers. The educator’s job is to assist them in transitioning from topic to topic.

It is precisely education by way of dialogue, discussion and argument that facilitates a person’s development. This is verified by thousands of years of experience amassed not only by the science of Kabbalah but by many ancient cultures.

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  1. Dear Rav, I esp. liked the way you described to us the way children should be educated in the future (but really now, as it is urgent) – My question is: How long will it take for the kindergarden schools up to the universities and colleges around the world to catch up to the idea? Maybe 5 years? I am worried that it will be more later than 5 years. ref. {education by way of discussion and dialogue} on your blog. your student, Anna from Toronto

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