Advancing Along The Path Of The Earth

why-didnt-the-monkeys-come-down-from-the-treesThe world has to reach equilibrium, and only then will it come to rest. Throughout our long history we have been forced to develop because of our growing egoism, its growth causing our dissatisfaction to the extent of suffering.

But by entering the last stage of this development, we have come to realize that we are interconnected and interdependent. Our further existence depends on our mutually beneficial coexistence, otherwise, our lives will be similar to existing within a hateful family.  And in spite of that, in the end we will still have to attain the state of good relations with each other.

Kabbalah is intended specifically to show to us how to change our mutual relations from egoistic to altruistic, not by force through blows and suffering, but voluntarily, willingly, quickly, and easily.

Thus, there is the path of suffering (egoistic) and the good path (altruistic). However, it is most likely that in our lives, we will advance along both paths, which is the middle path called the “path of the earth.”

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A Model Of Society As Open And Closed Systems

is-correction-possible-without-a-manThe following is a model of society as visualized by Oleg Yaalom, a Bnei Baruch student: After I heard the lesson where you spoke about closed and open systems, the following model came to mind:

1. Disconnected System – The “disconnected system” stage of human development is the simple life of an ancient human being who was a part of the natural world that surrounded him. For all practical purposes, egoism did not exceed the demands of the animal level of existence.

2. Transitional Stage – The disconnected system gradually transitions into the closed state. Over the course of the last 5,000 years, egoism grew, and people were less satisfied with the fulfillment they could find in nature. Instead, they began to find personal fulfillment through their use and exploitation of their neighbors.

3. Closed System – During our generation, the system has completely closed in on itself, and we are no longer able to fulfill our egoistic desires through the use of nature. Our egoism, which has reached its maximum corporeal level of development, is only satisfied through the use of each other.

4. Such a closed society is unstable and defective, as is any closed system (according to Gödel’s Theorem). In other words, such a society requires that we immediately adopt the principle of “love your neighbor as yourself.” Otherwise, like a burnt-out star, it will sink within itself and disintegrate as if into a black hole. The closed system will collapse.

However, the principle of “love your neighbor” will transform into the principle of “love the Creator,” as a result of which healthy spiritual competition will resume between people.

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