Advancing Along The Path Of The Earth

why-didnt-the-monkeys-come-down-from-the-treesThe world has to reach equilibrium, and only then will it come to rest. Throughout our long history we have been forced to develop because of our growing egoism, its growth causing our dissatisfaction to the extent of suffering.

But by entering the last stage of this development, we have come to realize that we are interconnected and interdependent. Our further existence depends on our mutually beneficial coexistence, otherwise, our lives will be similar to existing within a hateful family.  And in spite of that, in the end we will still have to attain the state of good relations with each other.

Kabbalah is intended specifically to show to us how to change our mutual relations from egoistic to altruistic, not by force through blows and suffering, but voluntarily, willingly, quickly, and easily.

Thus, there is the path of suffering (egoistic) and the good path (altruistic). However, it is most likely that in our lives, we will advance along both paths, which is the middle path called the “path of the earth.”

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