Science Ruled By Egoism Becomes An Evil Instrument

lawsIn the News (from PLOS ONE):How Many Scientists Fabricate and Falsify Research?” – A popular view propagated by the media and by many scientists sees fraudsters as just a “few bad apples.” This pristine image of science is based on the theory that the scientific community is guided by norms including disinterestedness and organized skepticism, which are incompatible with misconduct. Increasing evidence, however, suggests that known frauds are just the “tip of the iceberg”, and that many cases are never discovered. …misconduct was reported more frequently by medical/pharmacological researchers than others.

…it is likely that, if on average 2% of scientists admit to have falsified research at least once and up to 34% admit other questionable research practices, the actual frequencies of misconduct could be higher than this.

My Comment: Egoism coupled with science makes science an instrument of evil! That is why the great scientists of the past, Plato and Aristotle, were against dissemination of science to the masses and accepted only “egoistically corrected” students. (See Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Book, The Tree of Life)

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The Inner Harmony Of Humanity

connectA question I received: You often use the word “harmony.” What do you mean by it?

My Answer: The harmony of humanity refers to the correct interconnection between people and governments within society.

This interconnection will create normally functioning economic, political, military, educational, family, and other systems, which are currently in crisis.

It is necessary to bring humanity to a state of inner harmony, without which its survival is impossible, as we have revealed that the destruction of  previous relationships has led to this multifaceted crisis.

Economics, politics, education, family, society, business, and trade are all formed by people and are based on human relationships. Suddenly we discover that we have built them on an egoistic basis, and the altruistic basis is now being revealed , to which we do not correspond. Nothing that was previously created now works.

We see this as a crisis of institutions. But in actuality, this is a crisis of our interrelationships. Today we need to amend the institutions that we have created. Nature has placed us in such a position of dependency on each other that we are obliged to change ourselves in accordance to Nature’s new demands: create a system of complete and harmonious interconnection. This is what the science of Kabbalah teaches us.

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The Danger And Disappointment Of Virtual Affairs

desires4In the News (from The Times Online):Help, my boyfriend is using online sex chat rooms” – …model of cybersexual addiction – as defined by Dr Kimberly Young, an acclaimed expert on Internet addiction – shows that disinhibition, accelerated intimacy, and hypersexual online behavior are a pretty accurate predictor of real-world transgressions. Ellen Helsper, research fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, says: “Couples do not make a distinction between online or offline infidelity because the emotions, and the sense of betrayal, are the same.”

My Comment: Lack of criticism, fantasy, wishful thinking, absence of limitations and etc. are the dangerous attributes of virtual affairs. Kabbalah considers virtual connections to be genuine because they reveal the inner desires of a person. Unrealized aspirations are more dangerous than realized ones because they constantly chase a person, do not allow realization and are therefore followed by disappointment.

It’s said, “Сомнения согрешить труднее, чем сам грех” “Temptations to sin are more difficult than the sin itself” because doubts chase and never leave a person!  At the same time, a committed sin leaves a person experiencing disappointment or at least reveals its imperfection, as with any other so-called fulfillment in this world.

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Why Do We Work So Hard?

a-crisis-is-a-crisisIn the News (from The Telegraph): Millions of Britons spend free time worrying about work, study shows” – More than half admit to working at home through the weekend, while two thirds won’t leave without their phone or Blackberry. …Northern Ireland has the hardest workers – with 51 per cent doing ten-hour days.

My Comment: But my schoolteacher promised that when I grew up, everyone would work half days and half weeks, and spend the rest of the time enjoying leisure activities!

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Ascent At The Speed of Light


Questions I received about man’s descent into egoism and his ascent into spirituality:

Question: How is it possible within a short time-frame to transform our egoistic nature to one of altruism since we have been developing over thousands of incarnations without doing so?

My Answer: Over the last 5769 years and the span of thousands of incarnations, we have developed on the inanimate, vegetative and animate levels. We have been growing desires of the “human” level: fame, power, money and knowledge, and all of them fueled by envy.

Our egoism has continued growing with each generation until reaching the current state where it has become integral. We are fully bound together, completely dependent on one another!

Our development is akin to a pyramid. The top of the pyramid is very small, which is why the period of correction is very brief and must be made within the span of one generation. This is how time contracts – as we move along the pyramid from the base to the top.

Question: Why then did the Kabbalists of past keep quiet and not accelerate our historical development?

My Answer: Before we became united into one system (in the second half of the 20th century), we considered egoism the engine of progress. Now that it has begun to pit us against one another rather than uniting us, we are beginning to perceive it as evil. It will continue to reveal itself as the source of all evil in the world; it will force us to correct it to the opposite form of connection – towards compassion, contribution and love.

Today Kabbalists must assist the world to quickly realize the source of our suffering by revealing our egoistic nature as the source of all evil in the world. And to explain the rationale behind these events occurring within ourselves and our environment as the effect of that power that forces us to attain the highest goal – to attain life on the level of the Creator.

Until recently, this process of development was concealed from the masses. But today it has revealed itself and demands clarification so as to help diagnose these events and also provide the remedy. Because we live exclusively in the world of egoism (the force of reception) we cannot transform ourselves or even begin to consider how it can be done.

This is why we have been given the science of Kabbalah. When we study it, we draw onto ourselves the force of bestowal, the Creator, “the Light that returns to the Source,” meaning the force that transforms egoism into love and bestowal. That is the remedy that cures us.

Question: Where do we get the strength to make the ascent?

My Answer: The forced descent from perfection to imperfection is extremely “slow,” because egoism must gradually reveal itself and bring itself out of the Creator’s domain. On the other hand, our ascent from the bottom upwards happens under the influence of and with “the speed of Light.”

Question: Keeping in mind that it took matter in our world billions of years to develop after the descent from the Upper worlds, how can the ascent only take several years?

My Answer: We can make the correction in the span of several years because it happens under the influence of the Light. Perfection is revealed automatically from the state of imperfection merely because of our changed attitude toward it.

Our entire role in the correction is similar to the desire of a drop of semen to become a human being – that’s how indistinguishable it is in comparison with the actions of the parents at its conception, birth, upbringing and becoming a person.

Besides the indistinguishable desire to become Adam (from the word ‘Dome’ – similar to the Creator), the Creator does everything else. So let us do what He expects from us and become like Him.

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