The Danger And Disappointment Of Virtual Affairs

desires4In the News (from The Times Online):Help, my boyfriend is using online sex chat rooms” – …model of cybersexual addiction – as defined by Dr Kimberly Young, an acclaimed expert on Internet addiction – shows that disinhibition, accelerated intimacy, and hypersexual online behavior are a pretty accurate predictor of real-world transgressions. Ellen Helsper, research fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, says: “Couples do not make a distinction between online or offline infidelity because the emotions, and the sense of betrayal, are the same.”

My Comment: Lack of criticism, fantasy, wishful thinking, absence of limitations and etc. are the dangerous attributes of virtual affairs. Kabbalah considers virtual connections to be genuine because they reveal the inner desires of a person. Unrealized aspirations are more dangerous than realized ones because they constantly chase a person, do not allow realization and are therefore followed by disappointment.

It’s said, “Сомнения согрешить труднее, чем сам грех” “Temptations to sin are more difficult than the sin itself” because doubts chase and never leave a person!  At the same time, a committed sin leaves a person experiencing disappointment or at least reveals its imperfection, as with any other so-called fulfillment in this world.

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