The Inner Harmony Of Humanity

connectA question I received: You often use the word “harmony.” What do you mean by it?

My Answer: The harmony of humanity refers to the correct interconnection between people and governments within society.

This interconnection will create normally functioning economic, political, military, educational, family, and other systems, which are currently in crisis.

It is necessary to bring humanity to a state of inner harmony, without which its survival is impossible, as we have revealed that the destruction of  previous relationships has led to this multifaceted crisis.

Economics, politics, education, family, society, business, and trade are all formed by people and are based on human relationships. Suddenly we discover that we have built them on an egoistic basis, and the altruistic basis is now being revealed , to which we do not correspond. Nothing that was previously created now works.

We see this as a crisis of institutions. But in actuality, this is a crisis of our interrelationships. Today we need to amend the institutions that we have created. Nature has placed us in such a position of dependency on each other that we are obliged to change ourselves in accordance to Nature’s new demands: create a system of complete and harmonious interconnection. This is what the science of Kabbalah teaches us.

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