We Can Learn A Lot From An International “Hate Your Children Day”

laitman_2009-02-02_9629_wThe world recently celebrated International Earth Day. Maybe people should organize an international day when they will attempt to hate, lie and use their children the same way they hate, deceive, and exploit others. This will help people realize how much they have to change, and at the same time, that it is impossible for them to change on their own.

Then, the strategies currently used by the G-20 leaders for coming out of the crisis will not be necessary anymore. People will stop attempting to carry out these plans because they will realize that they only worsen the situation. People will then understand that they are at a point of no return and they cannot come out of the situation using the old tactics. However, they also don’t have a new method to replace the old one.

If people will understand the reason for the current crisis, they will stop causing more suffering to themselves. That is to say, they will stop eliciting a negative reaction from Nature. But if people won’t realize that the cause of the world’s present condition is man’s egoistic nature, they will remain in this predicament.

Furthermore, people will have to realize  that they are unable to correct their nature, because the correction can only happen by using the Upper Force. Otherwise, as Baal HaSulam explains in Item 70 of “The Introduction to the Book of Zohar,” our suffering will get even worse.

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In Kabbalah, Seeing Is Believing

seeingA question I received: How can you prove that your method is the only one that can realize the goal of creation?

My Answer:
1.  I do not want to prove anything to anyone. Kabbalah conceals itself instead of attracting people to join its ranks. Only a person who truly desires it will reveal and study this wisdom. There is no coercion for anyone to come or leave, just as there are no limitations or prerequisites for the study of Kabbalah.

2.  You are demanding for the future to be revealed, in order to have clear evidence that the study of Kabbalah is authentic. Yet, this would only be possible if the study happened at the level of this world. whereas the study of Kabbalah elevates a person higher. In Kabbalah, “to see” something means to actually feel it with your senses. If you are able to see and feel the final outcome, your future, without changing your perception, then the method you used did not change you. Therefore, this method does not make a person similar to the Creator.

3. “A person should always study where his heart desires,” “There is no coercion in spirituality,” “Teach a student according to his way,” and other similar proverbs of the Kabbalistic sages tell us that it is forbidden to persuade, convince, or prove anything to anyone. You can only show a person how to develop, so he will start to see the spiritual world on his own according to his level of development.

This is Kabbalah’s approach to a person’s development: there is no coercion, just examples. Any other method is considered coercive and does only harm to a person and to the world.

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The Purpose Of Our Dependence And Alienation

changing-the-world-starts-with-changing-our-intentionsBecause our egoistic desire constantly develops, we also perceive the world as becoming more developed, as the world is our internal, subjective perception. As our desire grows, we feel that we become more developed, yet we also feel emptier.

As each individual egoistic desire (each person) develops, it starts to feel its dependence on the other egoistic desires (other people). At the same time, it perceives them as alien and strange to it. This kind of perception was created inside us on purpose, so we would collect all the other desires and make them our own.

It is in order to make us do this that the circumstances make each of us feel our dependence on the environment, whether our country or town, our relatives, the world, or all humanity. We later discover that our connection to the world is not simply necessary for our existence in this life, but in order to create the Upper World and our future existence.

This is why a new law is being revealed to us in this world: the law of mutual participation, or the law of mutual guarantee, altruism, and unity.

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The Perfect Business

laitman_2009-03_81831People have to create industries and businesses that will consume only as much as they need in order to complete their activities. These businesses will then be operating without an intention to receive additional, excessive profit.

Such a business will resemble the nonprofit organizations that exist today, where all the employees receive salaries, but the business as a whole does not aim to make a profit. Its goal is simply to provide products to people at the minimal cost. This business will be similar to a cell in the body that consumes only as much as it needs to carry out its function so as to service the whole body.

If all the organizations in society acted this way, no one would produce unnecessary, excessive products, and no one would compete with one another. Instead, everyone would receive whatever they need in order to live.

It is not easy to change, but we have no choice! We will find that this is the only way for us to survive. Moreover, we will suddenly discover that by making this inner change, we will not only attain salvation, but also a new, perfect and eternal existence.  This is not a change that will take place in our animate bodies (the way we perceive ourselves through our egoistic desires), but in our souls (the way we will perceive ourselves through the property of bestowal).

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Mutual Guarantee Is The Only Effective Regulator

mutualA question I received: That a written agreement is in itself insufficient and requires the supplement of respect is already recognized by political leaders, such as Great Britain’s Gordon Brown, America’s Barack Obama, and many others. The question is where to find a regulator that would change people’s attitude to an agreement?

My Answer: I have often talked about the fact that a person advances from goodness to greater goodness under the influence of the society, the feeling of shame, and the realization that he has no choice but to act in a particular manner.

My society makes me feel that I am worthless if I don’t advance to a state it deems more successful. So, the public opinion is the factor that can change things.

The public opinion is, in turn, a consequence of upbringing. Therefore, the process of correction must begin with the proper upbringing. This is the only way we can reach a feeling of mutual interdependence.

When people realize that a lack of connection among them is tantamount to a food shortage, then they will also see interdependence is the only thing that can save us. People will reach this understanding under the influence of nature’s blows.

We should realize that everything depends only on whether we follow the law of the mutual guarantee that is currently being revealed in the world. If everyone will realize this, then society will require all of its members to follow this law. The people will simply expect this from each other.

In addition to the blows that come at us from above, from Nature, we should do our part and disseminate the knowledge about the development of egoism and the goal of this development – to make us unite.

The force of the mutual guarantee enables each person to reject his own egoism and to rise above it. This is how we all reach a common desire to bestow. And because of the quality of bestowal that we attain, we thereby attain eternal, perfect existence (see the section on “Perception”).

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