The Perfect Business

laitman_2009-03_81831People have to create industries and businesses that will consume only as much as they need in order to complete their activities. These businesses will then be operating without an intention to receive additional, excessive profit.

Such a business will resemble the nonprofit organizations that exist today, where all the employees receive salaries, but the business as a whole does not aim to make a profit. Its goal is simply to provide products to people at the minimal cost. This business will be similar to a cell in the body that consumes only as much as it needs to carry out its function so as to service the whole body.

If all the organizations in society acted this way, no one would produce unnecessary, excessive products, and no one would compete with one another. Instead, everyone would receive whatever they need in order to live.

It is not easy to change, but we have no choice! We will find that this is the only way for us to survive. Moreover, we will suddenly discover that by making this inner change, we will not only attain salvation, but also a new, perfect and eternal existence.  This is not a change that will take place in our animate bodies (the way we perceive ourselves through our egoistic desires), but in our souls (the way we will perceive ourselves through the property of bestowal).

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