Mutual Guarantee Is The Only Effective Regulator

mutualA question I received: That a written agreement is in itself insufficient and requires the supplement of respect is already recognized by political leaders, such as Great Britain’s Gordon Brown, America’s Barack Obama, and many others. The question is where to find a regulator that would change people’s attitude to an agreement?

My Answer: I have often talked about the fact that a person advances from goodness to greater goodness under the influence of the society, the feeling of shame, and the realization that he has no choice but to act in a particular manner.

My society makes me feel that I am worthless if I don’t advance to a state it deems more successful. So, the public opinion is the factor that can change things.

The public opinion is, in turn, a consequence of upbringing. Therefore, the process of correction must begin with the proper upbringing. This is the only way we can reach a feeling of mutual interdependence.

When people realize that a lack of connection among them is tantamount to a food shortage, then they will also see interdependence is the only thing that can save us. People will reach this understanding under the influence of nature’s blows.

We should realize that everything depends only on whether we follow the law of the mutual guarantee that is currently being revealed in the world. If everyone will realize this, then society will require all of its members to follow this law. The people will simply expect this from each other.

In addition to the blows that come at us from above, from Nature, we should do our part and disseminate the knowledge about the development of egoism and the goal of this development – to make us unite.

The force of the mutual guarantee enables each person to reject his own egoism and to rise above it. This is how we all reach a common desire to bestow. And because of the quality of bestowal that we attain, we thereby attain eternal, perfect existence (see the section on “Perception”).

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