Today, Hyperactivity Is The Norm

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from e! Science News):History of hyperactivity off-base, says researcher” Matthew Smith [a Canadian researcher] says many today assert that hyperactivity is a universal phenomenon, and say evidence of hyperactivity can be seen in historical figures such as Mozart or Einstein. Smith argues that hyperactivity, as we understand it is rooted in social, cultural, political and economic changes of the last half century.

My Comment: Kabbalah explains that the increased activity of children is caused by humanity’s growing egoism, and this is now the norm. What we must change are the educational norms and systems, so they will be in line with egoistic growth.

Kabbalah gives us knowledge about human nature, which is egoistic, and thus allows us to develop the correct approach to the problems of growth and maturation, in children and adults alike.

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We Are All Guilty Of The Global Crisis

the-present-crisis-is-a-crisis-of-peoples-trust-in-the-egoistic-system-of-relationshipsThe state of affairs in the modern world shows that everyone and everything is interconnected. The world has become integral and because of this, the actions made by every person are but a result of the entire world’s influence on him. The behavior of each individual will not be corrected until we correct society.

The conclusion to be made from this is that we can’t blame bankers, politicians, terrorists, or anyone else for their behavior, because we are the ones who brought about the situation in the world!  We are accomplices to everything that is happening, because each one of us is necessarily a part of the universal mechanism. Each person is to blame, and each receives the punishment he is due.

There is no difference between the benefit of the individual and of the entire society – they are the same. We are all part of a closed system, where we all share a common feeling, as members of a family. We are all interconnected, and ignorance of the laws governing our closed system does not protect us from the punishment for breaking these laws.

You can’t be righteous if there is sin in the world, because you are a part of the world. Everyone is to receive what is due him. From now on, no one will be able to win at the expense of others who lose.

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