Games Help Children Form Their Correct And Desired Future Condition

chess2A question I received: What is your opinion regarding the use of video games to teach and educate children?

My answer: I consider the use of games for the purpose of educating a person to be a positive thing, as the sole method of growth. Both children and adults learn only from games, from the simulation of the correct and desired future condition. Even the vegetative and animal kingdoms develop this way, by forming in themselves the future state according to a set of examples.

Games are a serious matter. They form the future of man. A child learns from games. He is drawn to the desire to know, to take apart, to break and to reassemble. A child sees the opportunity to learn about the world in every second in his life. We are mistaken in calling this undertaking a game. Children see these actions as an opportunity to learn about themselves and the world. Adults are the ones that waste their time in vain, not children!

This is why our task is to use all the modern means available to us to develop useful games. We invite everyone to take part in the realization of this method of education.

Anyone who feels he can develop games, write books or create anything else in the realm of education for the new generation should contact us. We have a dedicated center precisely for this and would be happy to work with all who want to take part.

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An Article About Me In The News

Here is an article about me that was published at, a major Israeli web portal:


Below is the translation of the article:

How did Rav Laitman become such a popular disseminator of Kabbalah and one of Israel’s foremost new-age ambassadors to the world?

Is there really anyone out there crazy enough to wake up at 3AM every morning in order to study Kabbalah? Turns out there are plenty of people who are, including a number of Israeli celebrities, who all rush to gather inside the study hall of their teacher, Michael Laitman.

In the past Michael Laitman was a researcher, scientist, philosopher and even a mechanic servicing military aircrafts. But his restless soul could never find peace. In the late 70s, on the outskirts of Bnei Brak, in a solitary one-story house, a group of sages sat and studied Kabbalah. One fine evening Michael Laitman entered the house and asked to join their study. The group was headed by the renowned Kabbalist, Rav Baruch Shalom Ashlag. Before long Michael Laitman became Rav Baruch’s personal assistant and merited to become intimately involved in the Kabbalist’s daily life, including his spiritual life.

After the death of his Rav and teacher in 1991, Michael Laitman undertook the mission of disseminating Kabbalah. Since then, he teaches Kabbalah in a reasonable, logical matter, as a science and a philosophy. For “normal” people everywhere who are living in times of crisis, and who take years of experience to upgrade their principles, the world only becomes more and more uncertain with every passing day, despite all the scientific achievements. In contrast to this approach, those who engage in the Kabbalistic wisdom develop concealed senses of perception. A Kabbalist is essentially a person who has revealed the purpose of his existence, and therefore, he has answers to questions no one else does.

Michael Laitman exerts tremendous efforts toward the dissemination of Kabbalah. He has founded the Bnei Baruch organization, which means, “The Children of Baruch,” named after his teacher. The organization is entirely focused on creating and upholding a vast, complex education system that illuminates the wisdom of Kabbalah to anyone. Just some of their offerings are a television channel, an Internet site translated to over 30 languages, a wide array of books and even a film company that produces video content.

Of course, Michael Laitman has his share of critics, who claim that the study of Kabbalah must be accompanied by an Orthodox, religious lifestyle, study of the Torah and rigid observance of commandments. They say that without these things, Kabbalah is disconnected from its holy roots and turns into just another new-age method. However, Laitman pays no mind to the critics and continues to bore his way ahead. Over recent years, he has gained massive popularity as a lecturer in the USA and Europe, published over 30 books and became a member of an organization called the World Wisdom Council. Michael Laitman is undoubtedly one of the most eminent and inspiring people living in Israel.

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Banks Continuing Egoism Will Deepen The Crisis

russiaIn the news (from The Wall Street Journal):Germany Blasts ‘Powers of the Fed’”  German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in a rare public rebuke of central banks, suggested the European Central Bank and its counterparts in the U.S. and Britain have gone too far in fighting the financial crisis and may be laying the groundwork for another financial blowup.

My Comment: Whether they like it or not, if the financial systems remain completely egoistic as they are, it cannot lead to anything other than the deepening of the crisis. This descent will continue, possibly with some fluctuations, until we come to the complete realization of the need to change our relations among each other to being good and trustworthy.

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