Games Help Children Form Their Correct And Desired Future Condition

chess2A question I received: What is your opinion regarding the use of video games to teach and educate children?

My answer: I consider the use of games for the purpose of educating a person to be a positive thing, as the sole method of growth. Both children and adults learn only from games, from the simulation of the correct and desired future condition. Even the vegetative and animal kingdoms develop this way, by forming in themselves the future state according to a set of examples.

Games are a serious matter. They form the future of man. A child learns from games. He is drawn to the desire to know, to take apart, to break and to reassemble. A child sees the opportunity to learn about the world in every second in his life. We are mistaken in calling this undertaking a game. Children see these actions as an opportunity to learn about themselves and the world. Adults are the ones that waste their time in vain, not children!

This is why our task is to use all the modern means available to us to develop useful games. We invite everyone to take part in the realization of this method of education.

Anyone who feels he can develop games, write books or create anything else in the realm of education for the new generation should contact us. We have a dedicated center precisely for this and would be happy to work with all who want to take part.

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