In Kabbalah, Seeing Is Believing

seeingA question I received: How can you prove that your method is the only one that can realize the goal of creation?

My Answer:
1.  I do not want to prove anything to anyone. Kabbalah conceals itself instead of attracting people to join its ranks. Only a person who truly desires it will reveal and study this wisdom. There is no coercion for anyone to come or leave, just as there are no limitations or prerequisites for the study of Kabbalah.

2.  You are demanding for the future to be revealed, in order to have clear evidence that the study of Kabbalah is authentic. Yet, this would only be possible if the study happened at the level of this world. whereas the study of Kabbalah elevates a person higher. In Kabbalah, “to see” something means to actually feel it with your senses. If you are able to see and feel the final outcome, your future, without changing your perception, then the method you used did not change you. Therefore, this method does not make a person similar to the Creator.

3. “A person should always study where his heart desires,” “There is no coercion in spirituality,” “Teach a student according to his way,” and other similar proverbs of the Kabbalistic sages tell us that it is forbidden to persuade, convince, or prove anything to anyone. You can only show a person how to develop, so he will start to see the spiritual world on his own according to his level of development.

This is Kabbalah’s approach to a person’s development: there is no coercion, just examples. Any other method is considered coercive and does only harm to a person and to the world.

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