How To Live In The New Global Village

international-kabbalah-congress70x70_preview1Egoism became a factor of imbalance, but it doesn’t mean it has to be annulled, we just have to adjust the way we are using it.

Egoistic desire is growing within us and if we don’t “re-set the program” accordingly, each period of its growth will aggravate our condition, which has a lot to be desired as it is. The law of harmonious existence in Nature means that until we install the program called “humanistic interaction” we won’t launch the system.

The fundamental principle of such interaction is relating to another human being as to a close member of your family. Whereas the current system sets conditions for one person using another, the new one will make it unthinkable. It will be tantamount to putting your hand into a flame or stealing from your son.

In the end, we will lose if we stick to the old rules of playing the game. We may continue to fight one another as if someone is good and someone is bad, and exploit one another. As long as the ties between us are severed, nothing will help us and the crisis will deepen. Therefore, we are left with only one choice – to unite by rising above our ego. The true bond means that we behave like people in a “small village” where everyone takes care of one another.

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  1. Hi, Mr. Laitman I’m Diana Grey from Costa Rica, Central America. I’m really curious about all the age of the people interested in your line of thought. All of them are more than 40’s years old? How it is possible? I’m’ 32 years old and believe me you have to teach also jungle people in this style of life. Please offer some guidance.

    Thank you.

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