The Creator’s Presidential Puppet

freedomA question I received: What is your take on President Obama’s recent speech in Cairo?

My Answer: Such cliché-filled speeches are a hallmark of any leader.
Everyone wants to open a new page, to restart relationships based on common interests, mutual trust and respect. To conduct an open dialogue, everyone needs to have the same rights and opportunities, aspire to peace, and what’s left is for us to do it together, etc., etc.

It’s written in the Bible “The hearts of rulers are in the hands of the Creator” – in other words, all of them are puppets, carrying out His will. Simple people are the ones who have freedom of will, they are the ones that can influence the Creator, and He, through his presidential puppets, changes the world.

The subject of the science of Kabbalah is how to influence the Creator. Up until now we had to develop egoistically. From our time and on, we have to unite together into one society. With such understanding, we must turn to the Creator for help to achieve that – then the world will become peaceful and kind.

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  1. If leaders have no freedom of will, how will they achieve correction? what is their destiny?

  2. also, doesnt leaders’ lack of freedom of will make not human according to kabbalistic definitions, but mechanical creatures? like angels?

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