Kabbalah On Saints And Brain Transplants

crisis5A question I received: Are there any people who are considered saints in Kabbalah? Does this concept exist? How can you explain the phenomenon of imperishable relics left behind by saints or holy people? This is a concept that exists in different religions. Is it possible that these people attained the quality of absolute love and bestowal during their lifetimes, and therefore they did not die, but their souls simply left their bodies? And is this considered sanctity?

My Answer: Man’s body is an animal that eventually dies and decomposes into the basic elements. And the soul bears no relation to the body. Baal HaSulam even used to say, “I don’t care where they bury my sack of bones.”

A holy man is someone who attains equivalence with the Creator while living in this world, by developing the desire to “love one’s neighbor as oneself.” As for the body, you can perform every imaginable organ transplant, you can replace all of the body parts, and you can perform blood transfusions. This will not affect the soul in any way. Doctors are already able to replace the heart, and soon they’ll even be able to perform brain transplants. That’s because our information is not stored in the brain, but in the field surrounding it.

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