To See The World Within Ourselves

nirvana-and-games-with-the-leviathan-are-ahead-of-usA question I received: When a person feels bad, he usually puts the blame on those around him. This could be his wife, his friends, his colleagues, something in the system, etc. When will people begin to understand that the cause behind everything is not the banker or some other human factor but the third, nonhuman force? It is similar to Hollywood movies where everyone looks up at the sky to see a great monster menacing the entire world…

My answer: “The enemy lies within the flood.” This is how it is revealed to a person. When his suffering is still small, he is satisfied with blaming himself or others. As the suffering increases, he descends along all the levels of his selfish desires and in the last of them, discovers that all of them came from the Creator. Such is the progression of the development of desires.

This is why even the greatest scientists who rise higher than others in their understanding of matter come to the notion that there is some sort of intelligent force, a higher intelligence that governs matter. Dealing with things that are strictly material, these people do not generally believe in supernatural powers. But it is precisely by dealing with these matters that they come to such conclusions.

This force lies within us. Man will continue to discover that the entire world lies within him. The science of Kabbalah speaks of this in the article “What Is Reality?” This is how it will be revealed to us.

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