The Concept Of “Go And Earn From Each Other”

spiritual-food-is-the-light-that-fills-ones-soulA question I received: How can we distinguish true bestowal from egoistic bestowal?

My Answer: Until a person becomes worthy of the revelation of the Creator, his bestowal is purely egoistic, i.e. for his own sake. Just as when we perform a service for another person, we consider what we will receive in return. Further, we consider our profit: the gain from the bestowal must be greater than the loss!

However, even if people begin to give and help each other in this manner, while also taking into account each others’ interests, this mutual (albeit egoistic) bestowal will give us the opportunity to feel the benefit in mutual aspiration towards equal goodness, balance, acquired confidence, and we will begin to value the quality of bestowal on its own merit. The resultant act of bestowal will become less important to us, unlike the sense of this quality, the positive realization of it in ourselves, and the positive feeling from bestowal itself.

Furthermore, if a person receives something good from some source (action, deed, or from another person), he or she begins to love and admire the source itself.

Therefore, people will value the quality of bestowal, which gives them vitality, support, and confidence. They will want to acquire this quality and come closer to it. Consequently, the Light that reforms will come to them, and they will understand that it pays for them to give to each other. This is called “go and earn from each other” in the true, non-material sense. By striving for a good life, society will begin to respect bestowal and thus reveal the Creator.

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