Altering The Future Generation Through Kabbalah

ventureIn the News (from Biocompare):100 Reasons to Change the Way We Think about Genetics

For years, genes have been considered the one and only way biological traits could be passed down through generations of organisms. Increasingly, biologists are finding that non-genetic variation acquired during the life of an organism can sometimes be passed on to offspring—a phenomenon known as epigenetic inheritance…The main question now is: How often does it happen? “The analysis of these data shows that epigenetic inheritance is ubiquitous …,” write Eva Jablonka and Gal Raz, both of Tel-Aviv University in Israel.

My Comment: This is precisely what Kabbalah states: our environment influences our thoughts and desires, which in turn influence our behavior, and our behavior alters the genes of the following generations. See Baal HaSulam’s “The Freedom.”

It turns out that our thoughts and desires shape our offspring, and over the course of many centuries a human being becomes a consequence not only of the original genes, but also of the way of life (the thoughts and the desires) that his ancestors chose for themselves.

Biology illustrates to us the fact that Kabbalah is not a theoretical science, like philosophy. It is a way to selectively change ourselves and the world.

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