All Our Feelings Come From The Creator

feelingsTwo questions I received on our roles in life:

Question: You said that we have to follow the rule, “love your neighbor as yourself,” but you are not answering my questions! What’s more, ever since I began studying Kabbalah, everyone has turned away from me and I feel completely alone.

My Answer: I receive hundreds of questions, but I only answer those that are new (that don’t repeat something that was already answered) and that adhere to my topic.

As for the feeling that you are alone, it naturally emerges in the process of studying Kabbalah, and it is meant to help you search for the Creator. After all, doesn’t this feeling come from Him?

Question: Recently I was wondering whether all people are different or the same.  Since everyone has the same essence – egoism, is it correct to say that the roles we play in life are just clothes we wear over our egoism?

My Answer: Egoism forces us to play these roles, which are all manifestations of our egoism. Our task is to follow the Creator’s example and adopt His role.

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  1. Would developing a marriage relationship between two people in spirituality be of benefit to the woman with regard to this feeling of lonliness?

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