Eternal Pleasures

laitman_232_09Question: Why are there so few pleasures in life if we were born to receive pleasure? Why doesn’t nature, the Creator, protect us from making mistakes that only lead to pain?

Answer: I would put it differently: all of your problems come from the Creator! He is the only one who manages, arranges, and organizes everything, so the afflictions also stem from Him.

Everything is meant only to guide you to look for real pleasure and to protect you on the way from receiving small, worthless pleasures. This is why the Creator constantly trips you on the way so that you will begin to choose between good and evil, so that you will begin to determine correctly what is worth enjoying in life, so that your life actually will be full of pleasure.

Therefore, you should take what happens to you very seriously. First, you should realize that everything comes from the Creator and only from Him, that He manages you at every given moment and controls both your mind and your feelings. In other words, you should not detach yourself from Him even for a moment and should be in a constant, inner dialog with Him.

Then, you must find out how you can get closer to a pleasure that is more and more correct. If it is the right pleasure, it will not disappear! You will be continuously in it, and it will keep on growing. You will experience an internal explosion of pleasure that will fill you.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/31/16

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