Toyota Mirai: The Car Of The Future

laitman_293Question:  A new car is being made in Japan, called the Toyota Mirai that will run on a hydrogen engine and produce pure water and useable waste. Instead of emitting CO2 into the atmosphere, it will produce desalinated water that will drip from it. A full tank will suffice for a trip of about 650 kilometers at the price of only ten cents per kilometer.

Won’t gas station owners stop them? We are talking about incredible number of cars and amounts of gasoline.

Answer: We will not be able to stop progress, no matter how hard we try. We can delay it for a few decades, but what will we gain from that?

Technology today allows us to totally change our life and the world. We can change the basis of society because if there is no need for a labor force and large expenses, a person will have a lot of free time. Nature has led us to this state and is revealing new opportunities to us.

Why? What for? It is because a person must start engaging in more internal work on himself. He is freed of all of the external corporeal problems in order to engage in solving spiritual problems that will be focused accurately so he will understand that this is his only role.

If he doesn’t, he will suffer greatly from all of the innovations and will experience great losses and disappointments. A person will suffer from a great inner emptiness and a feeling of worthlessness, lack of meaning, and permanent depression.

Can we compare such a person to a farmer who earned his bread and provided for his family by his hard work, but was satisfied and happy? He was happy with what he earned, from the fact that he had work and that he also would have it the next day and would be able to bring home a loaf of bread.

This means that his desires were on the level of bread, while today, they are on the level of filling the soul. But where can one find such a job or a boss who will provide him with a filling for his soul? This is a much greater problem for which we must prepare, and so we must develop our educational system.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/30/16

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