Towards A Natural Standard Of Living

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We need to build a society that will be closer to nature. So then what will be technological advancement? Will some kind of simplification of life take place?

Answer: Why do you care about mechanics if everything will pass to a new qualitative level? Suppose there won’t be technological advancement. So what? What do you need it for? You see that there has been enough change in the power of our technology to supply us with a rational way of life.

Imagine you have a puppy living with you and you think about what is necessary for him. You consult an expert and he says that you must feed him something specific and he must sleep in a particular place. You don’t even think of giving him other nourishment or letting him lay down to sleep anywhere else. Certainly you want to give him soft down pillows and cookies for him.

But the body doesn’t require this, this is damaging, rationality is demanded. Therefore if we are talking about what we must supply for our body and  for the needs of all the people in the world, we must stop throwing away the food surpluses and feed the entire globe. The problem is not that there isn’t adequate food. Rather, it’s in that we don’t want to distribute it to everyone.

It’s the same thing with everything else. Certainly we will continue to develop technology further, but in order to be less involved with it. Today, it’s only necessary to plug in automatic machines and all of humanity won’t work at all. There only remains a need for experts who will follow the work of the machines and improve them from time to time, increase the efficiency of their operation.

Life will be simplified to its natural level. Industry, technology, commerce and all the rest will be at a level to supply every person with the necessities required for animal existence. And accordingly, the economy, finance, and all the rest will gradually move along these lines.
From Kab TV’s “An Integral World” 10/24/13

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