Where Is Europe Headed?

laitman_430Question: Why is Europe suddenly facing such difficult times?

Answer: The Creator in every way wants to lead His creation to a single form, to the total integral connection between everyone on all levels, and then to the form that can also be adhered to Him. This is the aim of our development and the purpose of the evolution of the universe, of our planet, of the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature, and especially of man. This goal will certainly be achieved by nature, i.e., by its rigid force of evolution or by realizing the goal of creation by man and its wise fulfillment.

Humanity has already reached the last phase of its development in which society has to be united. It can either unite despite the egoism that separates everyone or by the terrible sufferings that our egoistic evolution will bring about that will force us to choose to unite in order to avoid the terrible sufferings.

The plan of creation is leading Europe toward the goal even before other nations since it is the most developed continent and therefore the most egoistic, divided, and mutually dependent on unity. This will happen along the path of sufferings or along the path of unity that is achieved willingly and consciously. The process of unity is not the unity of banks or other organizations but unity stemming from educating people and bringing them closer to one another, as one nation!

The whole world has started the fulfillment of the process of unity since the middle of the last century. It may take many more years of suffering or even another world war, but all of humanity will be united just as all of the Creator’s goals will be attained.

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