The Characters Of Purim: Haman

laitman_626Question: Who is Haman, one of the antagonists of the Purim celebration?

Answer: Haman is a vivid historical figure, an amazing spiritual example for modern humanity

Comment: But he was evil.

Answer: Stalin and Hitler were also evil. There are many such people in our history, Haman surpasses them all. His name can be called absolutely all the villains of the world. This is a collective image

Haman is a scientist, astrologer,  and an intellectual, who understands things. He did a lot for mankind and eventually he and all his family, his ten sons and his wife Zeresh, his many concubines, and all his courtiers were put to death.

Everything he did was in order to awaken the Jews, who were dispersed in 127 countries in the ancient Babylonian kingdom of Ahasuerus, so that they would not sit tranquilly but would rebel, unite, and return to their homeland.

It is thanks to Haman’s efforts and the afflictions he brought upon them that the Jews began to unite. The threat of death forced them to unite, to rebel, to destroy all their enemies, and to eventually return to the land of Israel and build the Second Temple.

It makes no difference whether Haman is a positive or negative figure, he moves history forward. Our evolution is mainly under the pressure that negative figures create because people are stubborn, and the most stubborn are the Jews. Enormous negative forces called Pharaoh, Haman, Amalek, etc. rage inside us pushing us toward happiness by a stick that beats us because we don’t understand anything when we are treated nicely.

The wisdom of Kabbalah that is revealed in our times shows us how we can reach the goal in a good way and how to help the whole world develop correctly and bring it to unity. The unity of the world is our ultimate goal, the last phase in our development. Let’s hope that we will be able to fulfill it without wicked figures like latter-day Haman, Ahasuerus, Hitler, or new Pharaohs.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/14/16

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