The Characters Of Purim: Mordechai

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Among the heroes of the Purim holiday, who is Mordechai?

Answer: Mordecai – is a mysterious person, but not a “dark horse,” a light person.

He is completely invisible because he doesn’t usually stand out. The only person he annoys is Haman who realizes that if the Jews have a leader, it will not be easy to control, subjugate, and annihilate them.

Question: What does Haman see in Mordechai? After all, Mordechai is sitting quietly by the gate.

Answer: Mordechai is indeed sitting quietly by the gate, but he is calm for the time being. As soon as Haman starts taking serious actions, the power of Mordechai and his stubborn and firm manner is immediately revealed, and this will not be good for Haman. Since Mordechai isn’t siting at the city gate but at the king’s gate, he bothers Haman. After all, in order to approach the king, he must evade Mordechai somehow.

Mordechai represents the potential force that exists in the Jewish people, which once allowed them to unite and rise above egoism. This power still lives and exists in us.  It can attract additional positive forces from the outside that exist in creation, in nature. So Mordechai is a danger to Haman; it is necessary for him to subjugate Mordechai. Therefore Haman comes up with various schemes, as when he turns to King Ahasuerus, etc.

There is a clear contrast between the two characters. Haman represents the attitude of the ego according, asserting that egoism was created to fill a person, to elevate him, to benefit him, and to move forward. In other words, it is a healthy capitalistic approach to life. But Mordechai says the ego is given to us only so that we can rise and work above it, that specifically by rising above the ego it is possible to discover the upper world, the next level, the next dimension, in which humanity must exist.

Therefore there are serious ideological contradictions between Haman and Mordechai. Ultimately it is discovered that even though Haman is right about the ego being the power that motivates us to move forward, it is specifically the characteristic of Mordechai that is the force that corrects and raises us to the level of the Creator, saving and leading all of humanity toward the goal of creation.

Even though the Scroll of Esther tells the story of what happened in ancient Babylon 2,500 years ago, it is applicable for our time more than ever because we are found in exactly the same situation today. The difference is that we have already left the exile, the terrible state of darkness, and now it is up to us to attract and lead all of humanity after us.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/14/16

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