The Characters Of Purim: Esther

laitman_959Esther is the secret force that connects the king and the Jews. The King refers to the Creator from which the force of Mordechai and the force of Esther stem. These two forces correct the Jews so that they can stand against all of Babylon in their corrected state.

The first time the Jews left Babylon was under the leadership of Abraham, about 1,500 years BCE. A thousand years later they find themselves in Babylon again and then Mordechai with the help of Esther take them out of there. Esther remains in Babylon and bears a son to King Ahasuerus who later helps the Jews build the Second Temple. These historic facts are described very nicely in our sources.

Esther is a good example of a Jewish woman who sacrifices herself: She is modest, quiet, and clever; she can foresee the future and wisely advises the whole nation. When the people do what she tells them, they break free of the ego. The name Esther stems from the Hebrew root of concealment, which also symbolizes the concealed female force which we have to look for in our generation. It exists.

Esther is a collective figure of the right female force that exists in the nation just like the force of Mordechai. It is by these two forces that the Creator gives us, through these figures and the way they dress in the forces of nature, that He manages us, brings us closer to Him, and turns us into a nation, since in Babylon we were merely a group of people. And the moment we become a nation, the Creator takes us out of Babylon.

Today there is no need to take us out of any place in the corporeal sense but only in the spiritual sense. In order to do that, we have to unite so that we can be one unique network in which the Creator is revealed and present that to the whole world.

Although we lack the two forces of Esther and Mordechai, they do exist within us and today the Bnei Baruch organization is revealing them. The wisdom of Kabbalah is already revealed as a method which Mordechai and Esther wanted to offer the nation back in their time. Only if we can turn to the people who are on a very high egoistic level now, and if they listen to us, will they be able to unite and we will all be able to come out of the spiritual exile. Then heaven will open up and the Creator will be revealed, and the nations of the world will turn to us and carry us to the spiritual Jerusalem.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/14/16

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