Hawking’s Error

laitman_600_02Comment: Renowned British physicist Professor Stephen Hawking has been warning that progress is liable to lead the human species to its end. He suggests establishing colonies in space where people could live.

Answer: Scientists today realize they have reached an impasse. They have no solutions to offer for the problems that humanity is facing, and they are continuing to develop technology that will take us off the Earth, to the stars, into the depths of nature, and nothing more.

In the past, we thought science would redeem us from all problems and that the development of technology, culture, education, and information would make it possible for humanity to be elevated above everything, but we are beginning to understand that this is not what will bring us happiness.

Today science is beginning to show us that everything depends on the man, on our development, not on our intellectual development because we use our intellect egoistically, for our personal benefit, for the enslavement of others, and are annihilating our own achievements. Fifty years ago we couldn’t imagine that we would reach this situation.

In the 60s of the 20th century, space flight began; the American dream appeared—everyone would have a house, a car, work, social benefits, etc. What is happening today? The middle class is being destroyed; in fact, it no longer exists; students in families with average incomes are forced to work part-time to pay for their education.

The ego has developed such that one percent of the world population holds and controls most of the wealth while the remaining 99 percent, the lower classes, are left without the ability to develop, existing only on the crumbs necessary for survival while serving the needs of the upper percentile.

Question: In your opinion, will scientists succeed in breaking through to a new way of thinking in the future?

Answer: The future doesn’t depend on the scientists but on a change in a person’s psychological perception of the person. Today humanity doesn’t have the power to implement this change because the world is managed only according to egoistic inclinations.

This is evident on all the levels of development in nature: the animate, the vegetative, and even the inanimate, and all the more so the human who is helped by science and technology to egoistically manage all of them only for his own benefit.

Question: The eternal question arises: What can be done?

Answer: This is not an eternal question. It stands before us only today because it is rises from the depths of despair of a tired, disappointed humanity that lacks the ability to do anything. And the answer is in Kabbalah, and we are obliged to bring it to every person. This is our task.

Help us in this! I am sure that we will succeed in this.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/20/16

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