Modern Science On The Verge Of The Unknown

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today we already see that in order to raise the level of research, a scientist has to change; will he agree to that?

Answer: Will he have a choice? It refers not only to scientists but to other professionals as well, for example, teachers or businessmen. Because otherwise, businessmen will not be able to make deals. Today they suddenly discover that they cannot do it. This is why the middle class is disappearing, because people don’t know how to run a business and how to work integrally. They have not found the reason for the crisis yet.

Today the weak remain weak and don’t feel any meaningful changes; the rich take every opportunity, even in a time of crisis, to increase their profits, and the middle class suffers. But eventually people will understand that they have to change, because there is simply no other way. It will be clear to them that it is impossible to go on using the old methods of business management.

Today the big reliable commercial mechanisms cease to work. The elite are losing control and eventually it will force everyone to think about how to regain control of things. Then it will be clear: The only way to regain control is to switch to bestowal. Only then will you control the situation.

Everyone will feel the need for that, including scientists who will understand it more than others—on the basis of scientific data. Actually every scientific field has reached a dead end, and scientists already understand the need for radical changes. In a short while they will admit that these changes have to be made internally.

Thus they will recognize evil, but they won’t be able to switch to goodness by themselves. Here we have to introduce the force of correction to them.

What is more, a scientist himself is drawn to this force and will do the right thing if he sees the need for the integral approach. This is because the totally connected integral nature is revealed to him. He sees that he will not be able to come to any results since he encounters Ein Sof (Infinity), the unknown. There is an integral picture in front of him and all its parts are connected by infinite interrelations, and he cannot explain all that, he cannot “digest” this wholeness and work by it. He cannot build a model of the general unified picture inside him.

In the meantime, it is impossible to manage without such an internal model. Even known scientific concepts, like Einstein’s theory can be deeply understood by very few people. So what can we say about phenomena that are being revealed today that do not stem from our world and can only be understood by the integral mind.

Therefore, scientists will understand that they have to change their approach, themselves, their perspective. But how? The answer to this question will not be found without our help. We have to be the ones who explain to people how to fulfill the internal changes.

Question: But our method operates only within a group and scientists are used to working and discovering things individually. Will they agree to the principle of collective work as a means for the integral revelation?

Answer: They have no other choice. Of course, they will agree to that. Furthermore, the great scientists do recognize the need to connect. They feel it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/16/12, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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