The Moon Exists Only When You Look At It!

laitman_928In the News (from “The wave function is an objective reality.

“The wave function describes the state of micro particles. Connected with it are the majority of the manifestations of the quantum theory, distinguishing it from classical physics.

“The modulus squared of the psi-function determines the probability of a particle to take this or that state. It can be represented as a sum of states, and the measuring process is reduced to extracting one of the possible states.

“Scientists hold one of two opinions about the wave function:

  1. Psi-function is real, i.e., is part of an objective reality. Objectivity means that this property of the wave function has nothing to do with the human and his ideas about nature. The wave function is indifferent to what a person “thinks” about it.
  2. “The wave function is a mathematical object, introduced because of the lack of knowledge of the quantum world. That is what Einstein thought: ‘Does the Moon exist only when you look at it?’ – He said. This concept means that the wave function is only the instrument of knowledge and has no relation to the objective reality.

“The interpretation according to which the future can influence the past does not contradict scientists’ experiments.”

My Comment: Kabbalah says that NOTHING EXISTS except two: the Creator and Creation. The Creator is the desire to give, fill, love, by eternal and constant Light, that fills creation, the desire to receive: enjoy it.

It turns out that the whole picture of the world that we “see” is nothing but our internal properties that we see (feel) in front of us on a background of white light. In other words, the perceived world is our “guts,” “turned inside out,” so we could see them better and correct.

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