Correcting The General Soul

Laitman_117The Torah, Numbers 17:24 – 17:26: Moses took out all the staffs from before the Lord, to the children of Israel; they saw and they took, each man his staff. The Lord said to Moses: Put Aaron’s staff back in front of the Testimony as a keepsake [and] a sign for rebellious ones. Then their complaints against Me will end and they will not die.

Moses did so. He did just as the Lord had commanded him.

Inspecting the rod is the adaptation to the attributes of the general soul, without which it is impossible to advance.

The spiritual movement is based first on the scrutiny of what is going on and then on its correct implementation. This is the reason that it is written, “they saw” “and they took,” which means that they agreed and continued.

The Torah, Numbers 17:27 – 17:28: The children of Israel spoke to Moses saying, “Behold, we are dying, we will perish, we are all lost! Whoever comes the closest to the Mishkan of the Lord dies! Have we been consigned to die?”

The fact is that a person doesn’t see how these desires are going to be revealed in the corrected state since now they are revealed in the opposite form against unity.

We don’t understand that none of the desires and attributes that exist in us were created in vain. They all undergo correction, and the problem is only in the sequence in which they appear.

This is the reason we must scrutinize the sequence according to which everything is arranged and why it is so complicated. This is because the entire point is not that it is you today and me tomorrow, but that the sequence reveals to us the general schema, the structure of the general soul and how we are connected to one another.

This invokes the knowledge and attainment in us, and the feeling that we are part of the general schema, and we begin to understand how it operates. This means that we can influence it by many parameters and see how it changes.

The scrutiny of who I am, and then you, and then another, and so forth, symbolizes this sequence. This is how the main thought is revealed, the thought of the Creator, the basis of the attainment of the upper world. It is not the personal correction of some small part, desire, or attribute, but the mutual connection. This is the reason that everything isn’t that simple.

Let’s suppose that we have a million components of a certain device: capacitors, resistors, transistors, etc. But how can we put them together in such a scheme that they would form a perpetual engine? This is the most important thing, the mutual connection.

Therefore, all of the conflicts that the children of Israel have are actually about their adhesion. What does is meant by “correct me?” Find out where your place is in the general schema so that you will know what you should look like in order to be together with others.

The correction cannot be of a certain person or a certain attribute, but one that is the sum of the whole soul because at the end of the mutual integral action it is totally connected to everyone.

The essential parts now are chosen out of the entire pile that is the general soul after the shattering. These parts will move to the side, and others will follow them. These will move partially forward, and so on, and thus gradually the soul is put together, a huge number of desires, attributes, and intentions.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/27/15

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