Preventing World War Three – Part 2 “We Need The Good Force!”

laitman_546_02Question: What does Kabbalah say about the possibility of a third world war?

Answer: In the 1920s, when scientists had only just begun to develop nuclear weapons, the greatest Kabbalist of the 20th century, Baal HaSulam, wrote in his book The Last Generation that if humanity wouldn’t come to its senses and activate the method of self-correction to balance the positive and negative forces in each of us, in society, and in the world, it would inevitably lead to nuclear war.

But the one who is wise sees in advance what can happen, and so he avoids impending disasters; they are not necessary. He has a presentiment of the approaching suffering, and this helps him choose another way, the way of the correction of his nature.

So for humanity there are two ways: either accept and implement the method of self-correction or reach this through a path of great suffering and immense destruction!

This will engulf both Europe and Russia, and, of course, the entire Middle East.

Question: Are there analytical approaches of the Kabbalists to the text of the Book of Revelations, or do they see only hidden meanings in the prophecies?

Answer: In these texts there are no hidden meanings! What they say is derived simply and easily from the wisdom of Kabbalah. I repeat; we have two possibilities!

  • We correct ourselves and become a society in which good and evil become balanced, and live with each other in a harmony that extends to the surrounding world on all levels: still, vegetative, and animate.
  •  Or like farm boys, we begin beating each other up until only a small group of people remain on the scorched and exhausted Earth. And then those who survive will begin to build a proper society in which good and evil will be balanced.

So everything depends on our freedom of choice! Do we choose the way of reforming our nature, balancing ourselves and in this way all of society, which mainly encompasses three continents: Europe, Russia, and America, or do we to continue to go blindly onward, playing with only one force, one against the other?

Question: In the Book of Revelations, what does the opening of the seals symbolize?

Answer: These seals are the hidden characteristics of nature, which we can bring out for our correction.

Question: These seals are not opened yet?

Answer: Everything depends on us!

The wisdom of Kabbalah has already been revealed to the people. This makes it possible for us to attain all the sources for the good force that exist in the world, but we don’t discover them. They are sealed, it is necessary to open them, and then the good force will appear and balance our evil egoistic force.

Question: In the Book of Revelations, the opening of the seals leads to new events regarding the end of the world. Maybe it would be better not to open them?

Answer: No! We need the good force! We need to understand the text correctly. I use the Kabbalistic sources and rely on them. Again I say: There are no problems here. This possibility is in our hands. We are not blind puppets on strings, in the hands of nature. We can do this! It is in our power.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 10/23/15

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