The Great Kabbalists And Their Works

laitman_527_07The wisdom of Kabbalah was first discovered 5,776 years ago by a man named Adam, who described what he discovered in his book The Angel Raziel. Since then, there have been many generations of Kabbalists and everything they did until our very days is incorporated into one system.

The Kabbalists were a different sort of person and each of them engaged in this wisdom in his own special way: some engaged in a certain special way of attaining the wisdom of Kabbalah, others wrote it on certain levels, and others’ goal was to attract as many people as possible to the revelation of this system of Providence. These Kabbalists are particularly important and dear to us, because with their help, we can achieve what are beginning to strive for.

Throughout human history most Kabbalists wrote on a level that today we find difficult to understand, but the greatest Kabbalist who lived in the 16th century the Ari really managed to summarize and present this wisdom.

He brought a great treasure of knowledge to the system and we have received a ready-made matrix from him, which the whole wisdom of Kabbalah is based on. Many before him had tried to do that but did not succeed.

This is the reason that there isn’t anyone closer in spirit to us than the Ari and everything he did is most important to us. He died at a very young age of 38 and left his legacy for all of us.

400 years after the Ari, at the beginning of the 20th century another great Kabbalist named Baal HaSulam appeared. None of the Kabbalists who lived before him managed to convey the Ari’s method and teachings in a more popular and accessible manner as Baal HaSulam Ari did. This is the reason that we use the writings of Baal HaSulam, which were written in relatively simple modern language. His writings are the mainstay of our studies.

In addition, his eldest son Rabash, my teacher, completed his father’s writings adding the principles of our internal work. Baal HaSulam wrote mainly about the system of the upper world and its internal psychology. And my teacher explained in his articles how we can practically begin to feel the upper world, what we should do to actually feel it and to absorb it into us, and how to create new senses and thus advance.

If we didn’t have Rabash’s writings, we could read the writings of Baal HaSulam and enjoy the logic of his simple beautiful and harmonious description of the upper world and the effect of this system on us, but we would not know how to attain it. All this is explained in the writings of my teacher.

Kabbalists describe the upper world and our world, which is the lowest and smallest level that is detached from the spiritual world, which work in perfect harmony.

The only resemblance to this system in our world is the perfectly corrected human body, in which the heart and mind and all the systems like the circulatory, nervous, lymphatic, and other systems operate in harmony, in unison.

They support each other, nothing is superfluous, and only the correct mutual functioning creates the opportunity to experience the entire system and study it.
To be continued…
From the Conventions In Odessa, “In The Circle Of Unity,” Day One 10/16/15, Lesson 1

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