Cosmonautics Day

laitman_928Question: 55 years ago, on April 12, a spaceship took off from Baikonur in Kazakhstan. Yuri Gagarin said, “Let’s fly!” With this began the Age of Cosmonautics (space flight and exploration). This is a nostalgic period for humanity.

Answer: There is a very strong subconscious attraction in people to break away from the Earth. This breaking away is like being born and going out to the next world.

This strong attraction exists because we have a point in the heart that attracts us to the upper world, not just to fly from one celestial body to another.

We already understand that there is nothing interesting and nothing to expect. Even if primitive life is found there, it would just be some kind of bacteria. Basically, other than life on Earth, there is now place else with biological life.

It is possible to explain the strong attraction of people to breaking out and being freed from this world to the upper world because, subconsciously for all of us, this world is like a prison, a cell in which we sit and are condemned to sit. Here you sit, and here you also will die!

In the sixties of the last century, when the first man flew into space, happiness and joy embraced everyone because it seemed that there would be a breakthrough and we could fly from Earth. This is not just to fly to other celestial bodies, but to fly from this world to other worlds! There was a feeling of the discovery of new frontiers. For us, another world symbolizes an absolute change, a new life, a new birth!

Today, we truly need to break out and leap to the next world. This breakthrough is programmed by nature and stands before us as a mission. It is up to us to enter into ourselves, like into a spaceship, and make this journey in our unique way from the point in the heart.

We must and can perform this process with the help of the yearning for unity between people. I think we have to ignite this dream. Let’s try!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/12/16

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