Endless Confrontation

laitman_552_02Question: Why should one study the wisdom of Kabbalah if a person can expect only problems? Aren’t there enough problems?

Answer: The problems of a Kabbalist have an absolutely different character—they are problems of love.

The Creator seemingly flirts with a person, hides a little, then is revealed, again hides, and again is discovered so a person will learn to identify and feel Him. In fact, the Creator is in front of one all of the time, but the person doesn’t feel Him. One lacks the possibility of feeling Him.

With the help of the work of courting the Creator, it is up to the person to find Him. Suppose that a person experiences some kind of discomfort. The Creator does this intentionally so that through it, the person will see and feel Him, and sometimes the discovery also comes in pleasant situations.

That is, all problems are designed for the discovery of the Creator on all levels and in all circumstances behind which He stands.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/16/16

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