Property Which Parted The Sea

laitman_238_02The Midrash “BeShalach”: Although the sea has not yet parted, the sons of Israel continued to move deeper towards the mighty waves. Water has already reached them up to the neck.

Moses stretched out his hand toward rolling waves and commanded the sea, “In the name of the Creator, make way!” But the sea did not obey.

The sea did not want to change its borders, which were established during the six days of the Creation. The Creator commanded Moses to raise his staff and to threaten the sea, in the same way as the host raises his stick at the rebellious servant. However, the waves did not retreat, and continued to heave.

Then the Shechina (the phenomenon of the Creator) appeared before the sea and it parted. “Why now, the sea, are you gone?” Moshe asked the sea. The reply came,  “I retreat just for the King of the World Himself!”

Even in distant countries the roar of the sea being ruptured was heard. At this point, not only the Yam Suf (the Final Sea) parted, but the water of lakes and wells in all countries have parted, even the water in jugs has parted!

Thus a miracle appeared in the whole world! Water around the world returned to its natural state only after the Yam Suf water (the Final Sea water) took its usual position.

The movement of people takes place in the general property of Bina, and all parts of Bina, no matter where they may be, have imbedded Bina’s properties in the properties of Malchut. And if the people reach bestowal, then Bina starts to work at all levels just like in a chain reaction. Therefore, it is said, “the waters of lakes and wells were parted in all countries, and even the water in a pitcher has parted.”

Question: Why didn’t the sea obey the command of Moses?

Answer: In order to exit from egoism, it can be accomplished only by the help of the upper Light under the influence of GAR de Bina and the huge Light Hochma, i.e., properties that are called “the Creator.”

Every effort must be taken in order to do this, but it turned out that no one but Nachshon possessed such an opportunity: neither Moses nor Aaron knew, even the priests did not know anything about the property of “Nachshon.”

Usually, a person has no properties that would ever come forward, like a group of athletes that run to the finish, where a leader breaks out ahead. But this group has to come together to the finish line, and if they do not run together, then neither the first nor the last person reaches the finish line.

The main thing is for the whole group to come together to the sacred goal. The leading person of the group has to set the tone since one runs in front, but each time the leader changes. With this, none of the characteristic properties of any person get lost, but rather they must occur at least for a moment while a person is being led and while leading the whole humanity.

Let us say all of humanity is a circle. I am in this circle with my inherent property. While I am in this property I should be once in front of everyone and once behind everyone. Every person does the same. The real property of each person is necessarily manifested twice as leading the whole of humanity and as being led by all mankind.

Question: A concept of “leading mankind” is clear, but why should it be guided by all of mankind?

Answer: There cannot be one without the other, because only in this way the true property of a person manifests itself. All other properties are mixed together. And one’s private quality should manifest only as Keter and Malchut.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/30/14

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  1. Now some are closing on the SINGULARITY and THE ONE and know all this created ‘reality’ is but delusion and illusion

    that urgently burns and begs the questions, ‘why are we created then?” ‘why do we exist here, now and in this form?”

    Quantum Relativity

    that settles clearly what is of animal, who are controlled totally by the ego
    and those who want something REAL out there… beyond the closed 5 senses…

    may those who seek and find.


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