A New Global Empire

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Yuval Noah Harari, author of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind and  lecturer, Department of History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.): “From the 2nd century BCE, most of the people lived in empires. In the 20th century, the dominant political ideal was the ideal of the nation-state: sovereign, and the people were the source of all power. The supreme duty of the state was to defend the interests of the national collective.

“Accordingly, the idea that there should be as many independent states as nations in the world emerged.

“In the 21st century, nationalism is rapidly losing ground. Separate empires remain in the past. In the future, people will live in a one world empire. A unified government for the whole Earth awaits us in the near future.

“More and more people are coming to the conclusion that the only legitimate source of political power is humanity, rather than separate nations, and that the main objective of the policy should be the interests of the whole human race and upholding human rights. In this case, the existence of 200 nation-states is a hindrance.

“The world is still politically fragmented, but the real autonomy of nation-states is rapidly declining. No country is able to pursue an independent economic policy, to declare and wage war on a whim, and even carry out its own internal policies.

”Countries are increasingly influenced by global markets, international corporations and NGOs, and international public opinion and a common judicial system are becoming more influential.

“States are forced to reckon with the international standards of financial conduct, environmental policy and justice. Powerful flows of capital, labor and information are spreading throughout the world, transforming it, and the boundaries and positions of individual nation-states carry less importance.

“The world empire is being created before our eyes, and it will be ruled not by a separate state or ethnic group – this new world would be managed by the multinational elite, and common culture and common interests will bind it together.”

My Comment: It is gratifying to see how higher knowledge begins to gradually settle in the minds of the people of our world. The correct perspective of development is being revealed to them, according to the goal of nature to bring all its parts to a single, synergistic whole. Our fate depends on how we can sensibly and actively participate in this process.

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  1. Very True. It would be lovely to see a world united beyond religion, language, and national borders. Humanity caring about humanity and everything else…. however it won’t be an easy transition and the ultimate result will depend on the motives of those in charge…so far that is the major problem…

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