Israelis In Egypt

laitman_557The Midrash “BeShalach”: …In addition to that, the cloud cast darkness on the Egyptian camp in order to protect the children of Israel. The plague of darkness in Egypt lasted only six days (and not seven like the other plagues). The Lord reserved the seventh day of darkness precisely for such a case.

When the Egyptians advanced along their way in the dark, by cursing and shooting arrows, the vision of the Jewish camp that is illuminated by the cloud of the Creator appeared before them, and the children of Israel ate, drank, and praised and glorified the Creator.

All this theater is inside a person. It all depends on a person’s perspective as he watches what is going on. If it is from the perspective of his egoistic attributes, he is very upset, but if it is from the perspective of the altruistic attributes, he eats, drinks, and then everything is fine.

However, the movement forward and the advancement are actually based on the unity of these two opposite inclinations: egoism and altruism; it cannot be one without the other. Even the entrance into the Dead Sea (Yam Suf) is under the influence of the two forces.

Indeed, we never detach ourselves from our egoistic attributes no matter what we call them: the Egyptians, Egypt, or Pharaoh. Both these attributes and the others go through different transformations at the same time. As was said earlier, some celebrate, some go wild, and some go crazy. The two attributes are in a person, one opposite the other.

Escaping from Egypt means wanting your altruistic forces to dominate you. However, they cannot dominate you in such a way that you would give in to them and not want to know anything. No! You must be in your egoistic attribute above every altruistic attribute.

They never separate. Even if it says that some of them escaped and others drowned, they remain, but in a dead state until they reawaken in you once again and draw you in their direction. However, they cannot disappear and always are ready for action.

The egoistic desires do not disappear until the last correction. Then, they change completely, as written, “…the angel of death becomes a holy angel…”

Thus, the Israelis cannot exist without the Egyptians because one cannot be without the other.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/30/14

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