Who Is More Important In The Analog System Of Nature?

Laitman_703_04Question: Which part is more important to correct: “Israel” or the “nations of the world”?

Answer: This is a single integral system in which each one is connected with all. It is impossible to activate even the smallest desire of Galgalta ve Eynaim separately. In spite of everything, a person influences the entire system without even understanding it.

It is impossible to change anything in one place without changing the entire system. This is because it is analogical.

There are discrete systems that operate according to pulses. The signal, meaning the external activator, enters and gradually passes by way of the entire system, pulse after pulse, until it reaches the end. That is how the simple systems that we build according to our egoistic intellect are constructed. We perceive the world like that; we see that there is a beginning and an end, pulses, a progressive process from beginning to end.

But if we are talking about another form of nature and not that which we are able to perceive, then we must agree that nature is a circular system that has no beginning, end or middle, and there are no sequential processes that flow according to a chain of cause and effect. It turns out that everything is a single complete system that is entirely created immediately.

The four phases of the Direct Light and the continuing development of Malchut of Infinity are activities that exist only in regard to us, but that is not how it truly is. It appears to us in a form like this because we ourselves are not circular; we are not whole, like this system.

The higher system operates everything and there is no part in it that is independent. This is not a system in which a signal enters and leaves. Rather, when the higher system receives some external influence, after a while it becomes stabilized and then we see the results throughout the entire system. The signal takes it out of equilibrium and after that it stabilizes itself and takes on the next state.

We are not built like circular systems so it is difficult for us to understand how the entire creation works. But a person who acquires spiritual desires sees that all of his desires are connected to everyone else. He no longer sees a difference between his desires and foreign desires because everything becomes his.

If I influence everyone and receive a chain reaction from everyone, then where am “I” found and where are “they”? All of us adhere to each other. The only thing that remains is the arrangement of what is before and after, as well as the division into what is internal and what external on a new level: What is it that is more important and less important to that single overall system?

Therefore, not even the smallest part within Israel can exist without our clarifying its benefit to the entire system. For through this we want to open a passage for the Light to enter the system and correct it. So we must take the entire system into account. The mechanism of “Israel” cannot exist if it is not connected to the entire system and if it doesn’t consider that it must serve the system, for it exists only for this purpose. So AHP and GE of Israel exist only for the good of the general AHP, for the good of the entire shattered Kli.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/3/14, Shamati #66

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