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laitman_942Question: How is it possible to convey the integral method and share it with thousands of people so that they will avoid the blows that we have received, and the mistakes that we have made?

Answer: With them the realization of the integral method will be carried out in a different manner. Today a small child who is still sitting in a stroller is already playing the same games that we were afraid to approach.

And he not only pushes on the electronic buttons of the games, but also, to our surprise, understands what he is pressing. So everything will be different, but how, I don’t know, this doesn’t interest me. I need to work now, working with the tasks of today.

Question: What number of people do we need to encompass through our method? Is there a particular number?

Answer: I think that our method will spread from person to person in the inner network between us, because all people are connected, like in a mycelium. A mycelium is a network that encompasses everything that grows in a forest: trees, mushrooms, flowers, wildflowers, and so forth. Everything is linked by fine threads. That is also how we are connected.

External dissemination influences inner dissemination. And inner dissemination is very rapid; in just about a fraction of a moment entire continents are transformed. People suddenly begin to respond to our words as if they had already heard them while sitting in front of us. We don’t need to be concerned about it. We must only do everything that we can.

It is said that the moment that we attain the first spiritual level, the Upper Light will stream through us over all the rest of the levels of the world. We are working on the external public not to correct the masses, but to raise ourselves to the first spiritual level. And then the Light that fills us will pour over the edge of our Kli and fill them.

It is for this that we are working with them. Their need, their deficiency, is imperative to us.

Question: It follows that what interests us more is how many friends we activate in this?

Answer: The number of friends who are activated doesn’t interest us; rather, it is the quality and quantity of their total value of qualitative and quantitative needed for our urgent requirement for the Light to correct us.

If you are experiencing fear before you go out to disseminate, this is very good, it means that you need the Creator. If it isn’t so strong in the meantime, wait, He is still preparing a surprise for you.

Question: Why is it that when we hold a workshop in the center we think much more about the Creator and approach unity but when we go out to an event, this thought disappears and we begin to think about technical things: how we express ourselves, what must we do and so forth? How is it possible to maintain the thought about the Creator, for after all, this is our main task?

Answer: Right, this will be your main task. And in the meantime you need to feel how much your appearance before the public brings you the thought that this is what is determining everything now, and not the Creator. As much as you come under the influence of the environment, you suddenly become businessmen, high-tech people, and the like. You are immersed in thoughts about how this will work. One way or another, you will immediately forget that the Creator is doing all of it. But it should not overtake the events. All of this will come with time.
From the Convention in Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14, Lesson 3

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