Is Our Method Good For People?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You keep speaking about the importance of dissemination. What can we do if we are not certain that our method is right and that it’s good for people? For example I don’t want people to go through everything I have been through along the spiritual path. How can I disseminate whole-heartedly?

Answer: The people we disseminate to will not go through the same path since they don’t have a double nature: the coexistence of the spiritual embryo, the point in the heart, and the ego. They will not go through all the twists and turns, the problems and the searching, that we have been through. They have a simple unfulfilled ego and we have to explain to them how they can satisfy it. That’s all. We simply bring them a remedy and they only have to take it. The remedy is called unity. So let’s unite and solve our common problems and then everything will be good and simple.

“How can it be good and simple? We know what it was like living in the communist Soviet Union.” Here you explain to them that it’s a different kind of unity, of their own free will, when by uniting according to a special method, we begin to feel the force of unity that is above us, since this kind of unity is the next phase, our next level, when we become one unique whole that resembles nature.

We begin to feel nature to the extent that we resemble it and this force will help us solve all our problems, let’s try. After half an hour you will feel elated and impressed and will also feel the reviving force in the proper connection between us. Thus, they don’t feel demoralized and they don’t go through the same painful phases that you go through. You could also go through them differently if you fulfilled the options that you have.

You are not certain and not confident that our path is the right path since you don’t know it. I want you to know this as clearly as possible. You have to clarify it thoroughly and then decide if you are certain and confident or not. Now you should feel uncertain about what you know and not uncertain about the actual path. This is why you should study.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/25/13, Question and Answers with Dr. Laitman

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  1. So dr. Laitman. Does this mean one should speak his truth regardless as revealed by the creator?

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