A Network That Nourishes Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The kind of network in which we now live is found in crisis.  Yet we are gradually passing to the next state which is stabilizing anyway.  What is this harmonious state that all of nature reaches when it leaves the crisis?

Answer: This is a state in which a person will transform, become integral, mutually linked.  He will think about everyone as partners in one system. What was obviously a purely theoretical plan will be clearly seen—a complete mutual connection in the world.

Moreover, this mutual connection doesn’t depend on everyone on the face of the earth being aware of all the rest through a chain of five people, or that what one person thinks in one place will immediately appear in another part of the world.  These are basic things.  We are in fact linked between us, like an underground mycelium within a network of roots, with all roots, with all plants, and so forth.

This network holds us, we live in it, are nourished by it.  This is beginning to be discovered now.  To the degree that we accommodate ourselves to it, we benefit; we understand how to live better, how to arrange ourselves in this new level, in this new world that is discovered.  If we don’t want to follow it, then nature will oblige us to do this through its pressure, and this pressure can be very tragic.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/17/13

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