Seven Billion Happy Children

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When people rise to the integral level, does their personal view remain, or do “shared eyes” appear for them, so to speak?

Answer: When a person rises to an integral level, his expanded personal comprehension remains with him, but in an integral manner. That is, he begins to see how he can be useful to this society in general and for each of its members individually.

Today, each of us sees how we can get something from our surroundings, take more for ourselves, grab, and so forth. This is a pretty narrow working track: In what way can I fulfill myself even if I don’t need it? It is because I don’t want something to be left for others. I take it from them, and not because this is something that I need for myself.

Integral relationships open a person, expanding him so much that his need becomes unlimited. That is, if I have seven billion little children and I want to give them all fulfillment, I have something with which to be involved and all of this activity brings me a feeling of happiness. In a case like this, we really reach the next level of existence, which is a level of virtually unlimited fulfillment.
From KabTV’s  “Wisdom of Crowds” 5/14/13

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