The Miracle Of Growth

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In integral learning, what is the qualitative transition when instead of the sum of all the opinions, something new suddenly appears above them?

Answer: This is a natural and fundamental law of nature. When people connect, not merely adding one to the other, but uniting together as a single force, then the next level of integral development appears in them.

The same thing happens in every system. When we assemble it, when we connect it from its various parts, then these parts begin to act cooperatively and reveal their connection. That is, the system reveals a completely different characteristic.

It follows that technically simple actions of people during discussions around a roundtable suddenly reach a new level because with this, they are summoning the power of natural development on themselves through their desire to go to the next level.

Question: Do they need to be ready for this from the start?

Answer: No, they simply will feel this, discovering within themselves the miracle of growth all the time. The child is growing all the time. If they were to leave him without games or society, he would not grow. He would remain an ape.
From KabTV’s  “Wisdom of Crowds ” 5/14/13

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