Coming Out Of Our Corners Towards Each Other

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe must connect ourselves to the same force that manages all parts of creation in order to improve our situation. It is up to us to cause it to influence us harmoniously, for it is good and that does good. This force produced the entire universe, the planet Earth, it created all of our lives and develops us according to its program. It has led us from the big bang to our day through the process of evolution. With great wisdom, it connects all parts of reality, but up until now, only a small fraction of reality has been known to us and we are confused even about that.

We are still very weak in the area of science, but in addition, the science of connection has been given to us, making it possible to be aware of the general force of nature. This force transmits knowledge to us called the wisdom of Kabbalah. As long as we investigate reality with the help of our physical intelligence, we receive the most meager facts about reality. We obtain scant knowledge about physics, chemistry, biology, botany, and astronomy.

We know a little about everything, but we don’t have the general picture. There are so many different sciences precisely because we are not ready to digest everything together and see one universal formula for all of reality, as Einstein dreamed of.

This indicates the limitations of our vision. And the main thing in the attainment of reality is not to see its parts but the connection between the parts. It is possible to discover all of science according to this connection. Indeed, in all of reality, only one force exists that advances it towards a particular purpose (the goal of creation). The goal of creation is unknown to us and we don’t understand why and where some kind of force is pushing us since we lack this knowledge.

Reality is whole and the general force of nature is whole, but human perception is the opposite and doesn’t allow us to see all of reality in a general integral form. Therefore, reality doesn’t appear to us as good. To help us correct ourselves and our perception, the sense of the general global crisis has been given to us.

The crisis was created because reality is beginning to approach us as one complete picture. We suddenly feel that everything is connected in politics, the economy, and in human society. In general, we understand that according to the laws, this is how it must be since everything is mutually connected in our universe: all the stars and the galaxies. But we still don’t know how we are connected to all of this. We investigate the laws of inanimate nature and a bit of the laws of the vegetative and the animate nature in a most limited form. But the laws of connection between one person and another are not known to us at all. Now for the first time, the network of connection that connects everyone has been revealed to us.

In the meantime, we don’t want to be aware of this connection and everyone wants to exist by himself. So apparently an opposite process is taking place, for each one tries to isolate himself because it is not comfortable for us to feel that we are connected. Entire nations isolate and fence themselves off, amplifying protectionism.

A person wants everyone to leave him alone and let him live quietly without needing anyone. This is our opposition to connection.

But the general force of nature that pushes us forward brings us to a unique state. We discover that we are found in a global, integral system of connection, connected by millions of connections and channels to such an extent that nobody can move, like a puppet on a string tied to a billion other threads that connect it with all the other puppets everyone. So we are all connected together.

If I were just connected with all the others, well, that would be all right. But in addition to this, they also hate me! And today, this is being revealed to us gradually. We are found in a world that is becoming more and more threatening to all of us.

Therefore, each one wants to hide in his apartment, in his own corner. The young don’t even want to marry and bring children into the world. They don’t want to communicate with anyone. They have a mobile phone and a computer, so they are compelled to communicate with the world only by way of these channels. Because of this, everything else doesn’t affect them.

If there is a possibility of working at home, then this is great, for then there is no need to see anyone at all. Today people are drawn to lives like these, every man for himself, or at most, for his family. And even the family is temporary. It is common today to sever familial connections a number of times and build them anew to break them once again.

All of this is happening because we are being obligated from above to be in connection between us. But we, on our side, try with all our might to sever this connection. We don’t want to be dependent upon each other because this connection is obligatory and threatening. About our times the prophets wrote, “The haters of a person are sitting in his house.” So a person avoids all connections. But in spite of it all, we must go out of our corners and take the first step towards one another.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 6/16/14

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