Ideologies Of Anti-Semitism

laitman_222The Midrash, “BeShalach”: Pharaoh’s army advanced quickly. The Creator removed all the obstacles from the Egyptians’ path so that they would catch up with the Jews without any delays. The Egyptians cursed the Lord and swore while the Children of Israel who were ahead of them praise Him.

The Creator doesn’t help the children of Israel. He actually helps the Egyptians to move quickly to catch up with the Jews, but still they curse Him while the Jews praise the Creator and go back.

This shows to what extent we don’t understand the meaning of the actions that we perform, and thus slow down the advancement of our people and help the enemy catch up with us. There were many such cases in history.

The greatest anti-Semites were Jewish. The ideologies of the inquisition and other anti-Semitic streams were concealed Jews who may have not even known what their origin actually was. However, when all this is revealed, we will see that there is no one but them. Therefore, we should actually look for Jews among the greatest anti-Semites.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/23/15

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