Incompetent People Are Not Aware Of Their Incompetence

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (Psychologies): “People who have low intelligence, a modest level of qualification, tunnel vision – precisely because of their modest abilities cannot understand that their decisions are wrong, the talents that they believe in are false. That’s why they think that they are right in all their actions and understand the situation better than others.

“Talented people are characterised by the opposite effect: they understand how complicated the laws of reality and how extensive the field of knowledge, which can be acquired in the future, are – this causes them to underestimate their own abilities, to underestimate their place in society.

“The result is that those who have confidence are stupid, and those who have an understanding are in in doubt and indecision.”

My Comment: The world will gradually recognize perfection, precisely in the opinion of the collective. Kabbalah teaches that only a cohesive team of 10 specialists in mutual guarantee is able to avoid mistakes and come to the correct opinion.

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