Don’t Be Afraid Of Fear And Helplessness

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I had an encounter with people on the street not long ago in which there were many unexpected interferences and I found myself in a position of helplessness and despair. How can I focus directly on our goal and not circle around it?

Answer: This confusion was on purpose in order to bring you to deeper and deeper clarifications. This happens in every state, on every level and to every person. It happens to everyone.

Clarify this point and it will become clearer. Then you will encounter many more such situations and you will always feel helpless. The helplessness stems from the fact that it isn’t in your power to correct anything and that you are not in control of the situation, but this is actually a good thing. What you lack here is to hold on to the host and to be in contact with Him.

There is nothing you can but to continue. Everyone reaches such states and such discernments, and although you describe them nicely, you still have no contact with the upper Light. Even if you had such contact, there would still be disconnections so that you would be able to rise from one level to the next each time you feel helpless at a certain point a along the way.

It is just like King David wrote in the Book of Psalms: “You have hidden your face from me and I was frightened!” This is good since it shakes a person a little and takes the Klipot (shells) from him. When a person is in a state of fear, anxiety, insecurity, and disorientation, it is actually a good thing. We should see where it all comes from and how the Creator summons you to adhere to Him.
From the preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/03/14

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